I have worked with Brad on a number of projects, and I am continuously grateful for his professionalism, talent, and ability to take whatever I throw at him and make it better. He does it without ego, but instead with the calm confidence of a seasoned pro who knows how to assess a project and offer suggestions to move it forward. I highly recommend anyone thinking about whether to work with him to stop thinking about it, and just hire him for your next project. His work is exceptional.

Christopher De Herrera,
Eight Heads High

Brad Towsley and I worked together on a photo shoot. He was an easy going guy whose communication was very clear. Working with him was smooth and a pleasure. Photographers and models can have big egos or feel insecure, but Brad instinctively seems to know the best way to work with the talent on a project.

It is his work as a designer that really blows me away, as he is someone that really “gets it”. Aside from making beautiful logos, he grasps the intangibles that make his designs a cut above the rest. His designs and logos are iconic. They really plant themselves in the minds and hearts of those who view them. His experience, visual skills, his research, and his intuition make him someone I will always want to work with.

Harrison Hurwitz,

“Brad has been instrumental in the development of many successful design solutions for our clients. Brad is very trustworthy and has a very good work ethic.

He has a good process for developing new and creative ideas and made even some of our more mundane projects come to life. His passion for all aspects of design including the creative process, the history and the application of good design is apparent in his work. He will work tirelessly to make sure the work meets the client’s objectives as well as creating the very best design.”

David Rengifo,
Rain Visual Strategy + Design

I had a small but very important trade show design project to finish on very short notice, and both of the design agencies our company had worked with in the past were too busy to take the work. Brad was recommended to me, and he took care of everything. Our company is in a very niche industry and we've had struggles in the past with graphic designers understanding our design goals, intended market, and product details. Brad did a great job handling all of these details and did it on a brief timeline.

Jamie Goss,
iFactor Consulting

“Brad has not only been instrumental in creating my new logos, designing all my new print materials, and helping identify and solidify my brand, but I suspect that we would not have even made this crucial move with out him. Besides the design work, Brad’s input and advice have been a great help with our expansion and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow and update their business, or even start a new one.”

Eytan Zias,
Phoenix Knife House

“Brad is a talented graphic designer that brings much more to the table than his keen eye for detail. My event requires a graphic designer that is quick to react to the ever changing scope of the project, while maintaining the schedule of deliverables. He exceeded my expectations at every opportunity.”

Damon Scott,
Arizona Cocktail Week, LLC.





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